A Closer Look: Miser’s Crossing

Wooo, a “City Journal” in my region of Miser’s Pass. Why I care to do such things, I do not know.

Today we take a closer look at the first city in Miser Pass: Miser’s Crossing.

I felt it was necessary to have at least one city dedicated to the name of the region, so hence for the name. Below, we see the city slowly growing out of it’s farm roots, with the suburb crawling into old farm land.

Backing out, we see more of the town’s simple structure.

Looking over to the left of the above aerial view, we see one the local train stations in the view below. The riverside houses are some of the best real estate in this quaint town.

The rail leads to the more industrial section of the town, with the geothermal power plant that fuels the town in view.

Close up on the Geothermal plant.

Overview of the Commercial/Industrial district.

Farming industry, however, was the origin of the town. For years, these farms drove forward the economy of Miser’s Crossing.

A closer look at the local farms.

Not only boasting agricultural history, the trails in the hills nearby are a short maze into the surrounding forest.

Local campgrounds are plenty in Miser’s Crossing, with all the facilities included.

Railroad nearby is obviously not a hazard, as there has been no reported deaths by train so far.

Further down the trail is the old tunnel system, many more buried tunnels are found as improvements are added to the trails.

Exit of the tunnel leads to a trail-side store next to a pool and amphitheater.

Seen in the bottom corners of both top and bottom views, the reception area can be seen along with another, more secluded campground in the bottom view.

Continuing the trail up the hill leads us to a scenic rest area.

Lastly on the top of the hill (looking more like a mountain), the best campgrounds money can buy. (At least in Miser’s Crossing)

More to be added soon when I’m much more bored